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Our experienced therapists have enabled hundreds of couples to successfully get their relationships back on track. But despite this, we never lose site of the fact that taking the decision to seek help and speak to someone else about the problems in your relationship, is a brave one; especially as one of you might be resistant to attending counselling. However, rest assured; Relationship Counselling or Marriage Guidance is extremely powerful and not as daunting as people first might think. It's also not about who is right or wrong, it's about open discussion and helping you both trying to achieve the outcome you want.

The feedback we receive is that our counsellors have an exceptional ability to make all their clients feel quickly at ease. When you feel comfortable and relaxed it is much easier to communicate and open-up, this enables your therapist to quickly understand the particular issues you are facing from each individual perspective. Our therapists certainly won’t sit there silently waiting for you to speak, but will however, take an active part in conversation and in the process of recovery and change.

You will be in a safe, confidential non-judgmental environment where:-

  • You will each be asked what you would like to get out of the sessions. Whether you would like to try and stay together, or perhaps like help in ending the relationship in an amicable fashion (it's still important to go through the below process in order to do that) Or maybe, one or both of you are unsure about what you want at this stage - this is very common.
  • You will be given an equal opportunity to express what you feel the current issues are in the relationship and when you think they first began.
  • Your partner begins to hear what you are saying and vice versa and you will both begin to see the bigger picture of what is going between you.
  • You will be both be given help to really listen and try and understand each others points of view. A third party perspective can be really helpful here. Sometimes it's hard to see things clearly on your own when emotions are involved.
  • You will find out what is really important to you and learn how to manage your emotions. You will also be given the opportunity to find out how you can set limits/expectations over what you will and won't accept from your partner.
  • You will learn about each others differences and needs and agree on compromises going forward.
  • You will gain new insight and learn how to bring back intimacy and loving feelings.
  • When the sessions come to an end you will be given help and advice on how to keep the relationship on track if that's the route you choose to take. You will always have the added reassurance of following up with a maintenance session at any time you choose.

Even after the first session most couples report to feeling a huge sense of relief that something is finally being done to bring about change in their relationship.

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