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Stale Relationships - Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling & Marriage Guidance Near Ashford, Kent

It is commonplace, particularly when couples have been together for a number years, for the relationship to become stale and uncommunicative. Despite living in the same house people often admit to living their lives quite separately, not due to any major issues necessarily, but the connection you once shared has been lost and you have grown apart.

Most couples claim to still love each other (often due to the history they share) but also claim to not to particularly like or respect each other anymore. It seems that the characteristics, traits or habits their partner has (which once they might have found endearing) can end up being a bone of contention, causing frustration and resentment to the other person.

Relationship Counselling explores the way each person perceives the others communication style/behaviour and actions and examines the meaning the other person places on them. An alternative perspective from a third party enables a new insight and understanding.


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