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Relationship Counselling & Marriage Guidance Near Ashford, Kent

In general couples tend to seek the help of a Relationship Counsellor when their relationship is at breaking point; and it has usually taken a number of months/years for them to get to this crucial point with the problems building up over time.

Premarital counselling is a great way to prepare you both for getting married or if you are planning on moving in together because it creates an awareness of how these issues can begin. It also helps in raising awareness of the most common pitfalls that can lead to a relationship breakdown.

The feelings you have about your partner develop and mature over time. Having an understanding of the stages relationships go through can really help. You learn the importance of being up-front about how you feel so you can deal with conflicts as they arise and avoid hurts and resentments building.

Whether it’s for the first time or you are making a new start. Premarital counselling is a form of relationship counselling looking at hopes, fears, expectations around marriage or living together.

  • The aim is to create a firm foundation for dealing with arguments and differences

  • Understand what each other is bringing to the relationship

  • Understand each other’s needs more clearly

  • Appreciate what you bring to the relationship as a man and as a woman

  • Have a safe space to explore your expectations of each other

  • In  step families learn how to deal with the pull of different loyalties and demands of forming a new family with step-children

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