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Relationship Counselling & Marriage Guidance Near Ashford, Kent
Sian Jones - Ashford Practice

I am a fully qualified counsellor and CBT therapist with a BSC (hons) in Psychology. I have seven years’ experience working full time as a couple therapist with a proven track record of successfully helping couples achieve where they want to get to.

I offer a step by step, warm, non-judgemental, common sense approach to Relationship Counselling, by encouraging couples to work through their problems together. When gently asked the relevant questions it enables individual’s to open up and explain what isn’t working in the relationship from their perspective and why. In turn, this allows their partner the opportunity to really listen and try understand their partner’s point of view.

It’s not necessarily about trying to get couples to agree, nor is about attributing blame; it’s about gaining understanding. Experience has shown, that when the understanding from both parties is achieved, it goes a long way in removing any hurt, resentment or anger that may have built up over the years. This allows couples to move forward more positively, in whichever way they choose.

The feedback I receive is that I have an exceptional ability to make couples feel quickly at ease. When people feel comfortable and relaxed it is much easier to communicate and open-up. I won’t sit there silently waiting for you to speak, but I will however, take an active part in conversation and in the process of recovery and change.

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Relationship Counselling & Marriage Guidance Near Ashford, Kent
Kate Griffin - Canterbury Practice

I am a fully qualified and experienced counsellor working with couples.

I offer a supportive and person-centred style in a safe environment and work in a professional, confidential and non-judgemental manner.

Relationship counselling gives a greater awareness on how couples relate to each other, which will help you better understand what is going wrong and why.

I will work with you to understand your relationship difficulties, what is getting in the way; and help you address these problems and issues. Also I will work with you to help you decide what you want, how you would like to see you relationship develop, and what changes you may wish to make.

This will enable you, together with my intervention and guidance to develop your communication skills with each other, learn how to negotiate better, and find a positive way forward to solving difficulties and improve your relationship.

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Relationship Counselling & Marriage Guidance Near Ashford, Kent
Tracey Neale - Canterbury Practice

I am an Integrative BACP- Accredited Counsellor, which means I use different therapeutic models depending on a couple’s individual needs, issues or where they are in their therapy journey.

I have over nine years’ experience. My aim is to support couples to improve communication, to understand the issues within their relationship and to support them through change and look towards a more positive future.

This is achieved through a non-judgmental, empathic, good therapeutic relationship, which appreciates and completely respects the individual's or couple’s right to confidentiality.

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Relationship Counselling & Marriage Guidance Near Ashford, Kent
Sabine Hawkins - Canterbury & Birchington Practice

I feel it takes a lot of courage to reach out for help when you need it. Life can be challenging and tough at times. I am a BACP registered therapist and I provide a confidential and safe environment in which we will work together through your relationship issues and difficulties.

Many things can affect relationships including a stressful lifestyle, negative behaviour patterns, poor communication and external influences. It is important that both of you feels heard and understood so that we can get a better understanding of what you are experiencing and look at what possible choices and changes can be made in order to improve and strengthen your relationship.

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Relationship Counselling & Marriage Guidance Near Ashford, Kent
Tanya Thompson - Herne Bay Practice

I am a UKCP Registered psychoanalytic psychotherapist with extensive experience working within the NHS and private practice, working with individuals, couples and families.

Couples therapy provides an opportunity to work through relationship difficulties and to explore the origin of the conflicts we might be facing. Often we can find ourselves in trouble when negative repetitive patterns of relating develop, and we feel stuck in certain dynamics not knowing how to bring about change.

As an experienced therapist I am warm, non-judgmental and able to provide a supportive and safe space for these difficulties to be named, processed and worked through. Often problematic modes of communication surface within the context of therapy, in both the content of what we say, how we say it, but also in just how we are with each other.  As an objective other I am well placed to be able to recognise these relationship patterns as they surface in our work together.

Within the therapy we will consider both individual difficulties but also what is being played out between the couple, and to sensitively help you to think about more useful ways of communicating your needs effectively. Feeling heard and understood results in improvements in personal relationships and how you feel about yourself, and self in relation to others. This should result in your relationship developing, becoming stronger and ultimately more fulfilling.

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Relationship Counselling & Marriage Guidance Near Ashford, Kent
Laura Mc Carthy - Ramsgate Practice

I am a fully qualified, experienced, warm, approachable psychotherapeutic counsellor, with a background in transactional analysis.

I offer a safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment to help couples communicate better and improve their understanding of the issues within their relationship.

When I work with couples, I seek to uncover repeated negative patterns in their relationship, look for ‘stuck points’ and understand points of difference. By becoming aware of how they relate, couples who work with me can become conscious of their part in what goes wrong, allowing them the opportunity to choose to do things differently to make the relationship stronger and happier.

I don’t believe in one size fits all approach and will tailor the sessions to meet your individual needs.

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Relationship Counselling & Marriage Guidance Near Ashford, Kent
Tara Cratchley - Tonbridge Practice

I am a registered counsellor and psychotherapist and an accredited member of the BACP.

I have a number of years’ experience working with couples with a successful track record. I offer a safe, non-judgemental environment in which couples and individuals can explore and gain a greater understanding of the issues within their relationship.

I have a warm, approachable nature and tailor my work to meet each couple’s goal. My aim is to help people explore their issues and identify any unhelpful patterns of behaviour and or communication within their relationship. I also support couples in being honest so they understand what led to them seeking help for their relationship in the first place.

Couples will be given the opportunity to learn how to communicate more effectively going forward, having gained, within our work, the tools to do so. This process will result in stronger, happier relationships in the future.

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Relationship Counselling & Marriage Guidance Near Ashford, Kent
Beverley Mears - Whistable Practice

I am a KCP registered psychoanalytic psychotherapist and experienced couples therapist. I have been involved in the training and supervising of couple counsellors working in primary care since 2011.

I am listed with British Society for Couples Psychotherapist and Counsellors (BSCPC) as accredited as a Couple Therapy for Depression Practitioner and Supervisor.

I bring my understanding of attachment theory and relationship scripts to my work with couple and seek to develop improved communication and understanding within the couple relationship. I have a specialist interest in how attachment wounds from the past impact upon couple intimacy.

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