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Relationship Counselling & Marriage Guidance Near Ashford, Kent

The decision about separation or divorce is never an easy one. Whether it’s yours or your partner’s decision you are still likely to experience a roller-coaster of emotions. Even if you have foreseen the end of the relationship, it can still be a struggle as you begin to work through the practicalities involved. You might also feel anxious about the future and by the number of decisions to make.

If you did not want the partnership to end, you may be feeling bitter and betrayed or perhaps a sense of being powerless as well as anger or disbelief.

You may want your partner back, or maybe you want to learn more about you, or maybe you want to learn how to stop picking the wrong partners.

Whatever the circumstances, loss and grief can be present, even if you want to move on.  All these strong emotions can be obstacles to resolving the practical matters to do with facing the future after separation or divorce.

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